Monday, August 07, 2006

Phillie's Game

Rosanne Ford has become the first person to send me stuff for our new blog. Go Ro!

I thought I'd start with the Phillie's game since that was such a big part of last year's Institute.

There's the stadium way in the distance.

Now we're a little closer.

Baseball playin' statues

Todd? Or just a random guy in the middle of our shot?

Inside the stadium we can just barely see the Philly skyline

Enjoying the ice-cold beer

The sun is going down but the party's just starting

Can you see yourself?


That's it for now, but tomorrow I'll post all the group shots from last year, which reminds me: those of you who were in the other class last year, please feel free to send your pics and I'll put 'em up!

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