Thursday, August 24, 2006

Class Dinner 2006 - Margaret Kuo's

Sorry for the delay in posting these, time has really gotten away from me lately...

A crowd from across the room

After dinner, Kelsey, Kate, & Fred

Kate & Todd

Janet, Debbie, & J-Tone

Brien, Coleen, & Janet

A very manly drink for Fred

Friday, August 18, 2006

Cannot beleive 2nd year is over already...

Hi everyone, it's amazing to me that year 2 is done and we are on our way to year 3~ Thank you for Kate for helping me gain access to our class blog! This is my first blogging experience, my daughter would be amazed! Have a great weekend! Coleen

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Afternoon Off in Philly

Here are some pictures of our afternoon off in Philly...

Here we are in front of the museum where we got the tickets to Independence Hall.

And here we are at the Hall itself

Inside the "We The People" building, getting a history lesson

The Liberty Bell

The actual room where the Declaration of Independence was signed

Fred at Pat's

The bar directly across from Pat's where we went for a drink and to cool off

Same bar, just from the other end of the table.

Thanks to J-Tone for the fab tour guiding. Rock on, J-Tone. Rock on.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Institute Mixer - Sunday Night 2006

I just got my pics back and will post in as chronologically a way as possible.

Here we are at the beginning of the week, fresh-faced and energetic, getting ready for...the Institute Mixer.

Some of us are mixing better than others. Shake it, Todd.

Rosanne is busting a move.

What is that in Paul's hand? Is that a cocktail?

Thursday, August 10, 2006


After not too much effort, we have a list of links to our various chambers of commerce or organizations. I've put them in alphabetical order so they should be pretty easy to find. If I've missed anyone, please let me know!!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Hello to all from Marie Kortbawi

Email from Marie received on 8-5-6:

Dear All,
Thank you for your messages and concerns..
Great to hear from you.
How was Institute this year? Hope many were there.
As far as I am concerned, as most of you must know, things are quite sad and worrying in Lebanon , and unfortunately so far not getting any better.
I had to close the office the second day trouble started..only to come back once..
I managed to leave Beirut and now I am in Kuwait, at my brother's. I've just fixed my e-mails in a way to have forwarded here...- which explains the yahoo address.
I hope you're all doing fine and look forward to keeping in touch.
With my best regards,

Last Day 2006

Here are three of basically the same picture, courtesy of Ward. Go Ward!

Pics from Cindy via Ward - Summer 2005

Who needs a ten and two break today?

This class dinner looks way fancier than ours at the Wild Onion...

Look how studious these guys are! We're going to have to work at keeping up with them!

Some Group Shots - Summer 2005

I'm not sure if this is the bar above the Wild Onion or what, but it looks like a good time is being had.

Paul, striking a pose.

Somewhere in the subway I think...

Last day of classes.


I think this is Joe giving his "Villanova Conference Center" speech. Good times.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Phillie's Game

Rosanne Ford has become the first person to send me stuff for our new blog. Go Ro!

I thought I'd start with the Phillie's game since that was such a big part of last year's Institute.

There's the stadium way in the distance.

Now we're a little closer.

Baseball playin' statues

Todd? Or just a random guy in the middle of our shot?

Inside the stadium we can just barely see the Philly skyline

Enjoying the ice-cold beer

The sun is going down but the party's just starting

Can you see yourself?


That's it for now, but tomorrow I'll post all the group shots from last year, which reminds me: those of you who were in the other class last year, please feel free to send your pics and I'll put 'em up!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Two Years Down, Two Years To Go

It's almost eleven pm on Thursday, August 3rd, 2006. I got back from Institute about an hour ago and have been thinking about this project since dinner at the Radnor. I can't do much tonight, but I think I've done the most important part - starting us off. We now have a blog that we can all contribute to as we need to ask questions, share answers, post pictures, or just sound off about chamber stuff.

I'll miss you guys over the next eleven months and three weeks but maybe this will keep us better connected as the days tick slowly by.

I miss you all already!