Monday, December 17, 2007

Coleen Fabrizi joins Gaffer District as Executive Director

The Gaffer District Board of Directors has named Coleen Fabrizi as its new Executive Director effective January 15, 2008. This appointment fills the leadership role at the District which has been vacant since February 2006. Chris Sharkey had been assuming director responsibilities with the help of the Executive Committee during the interim period.

Coleen comes to the Gaffer District after five years with the Corning Area Chamber of Commerce, the last two as its president. She will be a familiar face to most in the District!

Tom Blumer, chair of the Gaffer District Board, cited her track record with the Chamber in building relationships, her ability to develop a strong team, and her knowledge and experience with Corning and its downtown as key factors in the Board’s choice. “As you know, we’ve had a tough time finding the right person for this role since we launched the Gaffer District in 2004. We’ve taken our time finding the proper combination of expertise, local knowledge, experience, and a collaborative style. We also strongly knew we had to stay within our immediate vicinity, and Coleen fit all those needs perfectly.”

Coleen and Chris will be working closely together over the next several months with the Gaffer District staff to ensure a seamless transition for all.

We’re looking forward to having the leadership model in place that we’ve always felt is needed.

Please join us in welcoming Coleen to her new role!


Congratulations, Coleen!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Adventures in Texas

Pictures arrived from Janet this morning of Moshulu's adventures in Texas. I've added her captions from the back of each picture to the bottom so that we can all have a "play-by-play".

Moshulu having a great time at a Houston Texans' game against the Indianapolis Colts.

Former Astros Manager, Larry Dierker

Moshulu made a fast friend with Astros Rally Monkey at the game

Moshulu wanted his picture taken as a "Houston Texan"

Janet had to keep a close eye on Moshulu at the tailgating party. What a party animal!

Thanks, Janet!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Moshulu with Miss Dear Park!

I think he's smitten!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Class pics from Coleen of the last few days

The best class dinner ever

It's like the red carpet.

What a happy group.

Last day of class.

Moshulu getting a little rowdy.

Our traditional Thursday night dinner (Moshulu is in the breadbasket).

Here he's tearing it up!

The taxi to take Todd home.

Thanks, Coleen!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Pictures from Jason!

Jason just sent these over for us to enjoy. They're the shots he took of us heading to Philly and enjoying Philly.

Waiting to catch the train to Philly

Still waiting, we had time for one more picture

On the street, sight-seeing.

Kate's Place!

Last Day Picture

Thanks, Jason!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Coleen's Kids

Pretty Ella

Augustus Flirting

Ooops! Big Step Down.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Class Dinner

Thanks to Cynthia for sending this picture of a class getting ready eat and drink to their heart's content. It looks as if Coleen is really anxious to get in there and start the party.

Oh, Coleen. You party animal, you.

Saturday, August 04, 2007


In addition to Moshulu being the name of the place CapeTodd arranged for us to have a fabulous Class Dinner, it's also the name of our new Class Mascot.

Here's a very smart-looking Moshulu hanging out outside our classroom.

And here he is with his WildCard, getting ready to hit the cafe for lunch.

And here he is keeping me company during the drive home. So far he loves Jersey.

Tuesday Afternoon

After a walk around Reading Terminal Station, Jeremy took us to a little place called the Ritz-Carlton. It was pretty okay.

It was decided that next year we'd all stay as a group at the Ritz and commute to Villanova for classes. Totally reasonable, no?

The Big Bash

I don't have a lot of pics of the Big Bash 2007, but the ones I do are pretty cool:

Captain Paul, making sure we all stay in line and that the drink tickets flow like water.

The cocktail of choice - a tropical grigio

Brien with an E showed us his kickin' waiter skillz by carving this turkey out of an apple. Are you available for weddings, Brien?

The hat, at the end of the night, looking forward to next year's Big Bash. Ahoy!